Venue and Access


Access from Matsuyama Airport

Take a Matsuyama Airport Limousine Bus and get off at "Ehime Newspaper office" (next bus stop to "JR Matsuyama station").

  • The bus fare is 410 yen one-way. The fare is paid at the front when getting off. You are strongly recommended to buy the bus ticket at Matsuyama Airport from a ticket machine before getting on the bus.
  • All limousine buses departing Matsuyama airport go to "Ehime Newspaper office". After the bus leaves from JR Matsuyama station, please inform the bus driver by pushing a button in the bus. You should note that the buss will pass past "Ehime Newspaper office" bus stop when passengers do not give signs.

Access from JR Matsuyama Station

It takes 15 minutes on foot from JR Matsuyama station.
The distance between JR Matsuyama station and Hotel JAL city Matsuyama is about 0.8 km.

  • Access To "Hotel JAL City Matsuyama"
  • Enlarge Map around Hotel JAL City Matsuyama


Matsuyama city is situated roughly in the center of Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The city is celebrated for Dogo Onsen (the oldest hot spring in Japan), Matsuyama Castle, some historic sites etc. The area is blessed with the temperate Seto Inland Sea climate with an average annual temperature of 16.1°C.